Abruzzo tour

Qu Tours starts!

Qu Tours ltd starts its activities and is ready to propose his tours.

The idea to form a start-up company to sell tours in Abruzzo is born within a group of friends to give value to a territory often forgotten as destination for a holiday in Italy. Instead the richness in history, flavours, nature and traditions makes the visit of our region a unique experience in its beauty.

The love for our country, in synergy with the deep knowledge of the territory and his history, drive the design of the Qu Tours itineraries. With our products we want to offer to the customers a perspective of the journey which go further the typical tourist view. We work to combine all these ingredients to create packages based on emotions and sensations which bond together landscapes and history of Abruzzo with his unique tastes and traditions.

Our itineraries make an effort to promote Abruzzo as an experience.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio

Qu Tours starts proposing an enogastronomic tour to offer a delicious introduction to our territory. The concept of this itinerary is to let discovery the tastes of Abruzzo from visiting the places where the typical ingredients are grown or bred to their tasting and to experiencing their manufacturing.

Other tours will follow, in the next weeks, dedicated to other wonderful Abruzzo destinations. In addition, Qu Tours intends to propose special tours based on particular events or themes.

All our Abruzzo tours include different travelling solutions.

Sulmona view

The typical escorted tours include a selection of restaurants, hotel, experiences and skilled guides to offer proper packages for peace of mind Italian holidays. To  have instead the freedom to manage time as wanted the “Discovery” solution provides a car rent and a basic set of restaurants, hotel and experiences.

As part of our philosophy we believe that linking our knowledge and at the same time giving flexibility to the customers will create value. For that reason we also provide service to design tailor-made tours to fully satisfy customer needs and requirements.

We just started our walk into this wonderful business. We hope we will grow with your support and make the Abruzzo tour a new exciting option for a holiday in Italy!

Qu Tours Team
Gran Sasso