Going to the discovery of Abruzzo means above all to enjoy its marvelous landscapes

Abruzzo offers a big variety of environments and ecosystems. From the mountains, which are the highest in Italy after the Alps, down to the sea. The hinterland is characterized by hills adorned by the numerous cultivations of olive groves and vineyards.

The coastal area, with its 13o kilometers, includes sandy beaches alternating with gravel and pebbles.  The southern part, close to Molise border, takes the name “Costa dei Trabocchii”. This is due to the presence of  stilt houses (“trabocchi”) born as “fishing machines” and now used as restaurants. For its distinctiveness enjoying lunches and dinners, based on fish, on these beautiful structures represents a unique experience.

Abruzzo hosts one of the first Italian natural national park since 1922.

It is the so called ” National park of Abruzzo”, currently extended  to Lazio and Molise.  It plays an important role for the preservation of wolves, chamoises and Marsican dark bears. More recently, in 1991, the Italian state instituted other national parks. They are the “Majella National Park” and the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park”.

This beautiful region includes other protected areas such as the Regional Natural Park of the Sirente-Velino, the marine protected area Torre del Cerrano and other 38 areas scattered throughout the region. All these parks and their flora and fauna richness, represent the wild treasure of Abruzzo. UNESCO recognized this unique beauty in 2017. The ancient beech forests of Abruzzo, like Valle Cervara, Coppo Vademogna, Coppo del Principe, Coppo del Morto and Val Fondillo are now part of the world heritage list as “ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe”.

The mountains of Abruzzo are the highest along all the appeninnes. In particular the Corno Grande dominates the mountain landscape with its 2912 m height. It is the highest mountain of the Gran Sasso d’Italia massif and the highest peak of the entire Peninsular Apennines. The Maiella follows with the Mount Amaro and its 2793 m height.

The ecosystem of the region is unique in its richness due the variety of environments and the availability of water resources. Abruzzo is home to some rare species such as the golden eagle, the Abruzzo wolf, the Abruzzo chamois and the Marsican bear. There are also karst and speleological beauties such as the Stiffe Caves and the Cavallone Caves.