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Sheeps dogs Abruzzo

The sheepdog of Abruzzo

When you caress a soft white sheepdog of Abruzzo you caress a history made of ancient times and traditions. The origin of the sheepdog of Abruzzo is related with its primary functionality. The dog that defends the flock from the wolves assaults originated almost certainly in Asia. In particular around northern Iran about six thousand […]


The history of Pacentro

Pacentro boasts a long history of peasants, knights, monks and hermit saints… The history of Pacentro has an ancient origin. At the times of the Romans, the fertile territory, located at the foot of the rocky spur on which the medieval Pacentro will rise, presents a scattered and structured settlement system. In particular, for one […]

Gran Sasso

Qu Tours starts!

Qu Tours ltd starts its activities and is ready to propose his tours. The idea to form a start-up company to sell tours in Abruzzo is born within a group of friends to give value to a territory often forgotten as destination for a holiday in Italy. Instead the richness in history, flavours, nature and […]